Lucca Frakkah-Dukkah, M.F. (echo_helstrom) wrote in ended_abrupt,
Lucca Frakkah-Dukkah, M.F.

Anyone going to the HALF ASS MONKEY BOY documentary tonight at EMP? Fuck man I can't WAIT!

I was hooked on Temple of the Dog from the first time seeing that "Hunger Strike" video in 1993. Does anyone know where that was filmed? As far as beaches in Seattle, it looks like Golden Gardens, since that's the only park that still allows bonfires. But who knows its probably a fake Hollywood set with designer imposter thermal underwear and Armani flannels.

Then I got the MLB album, could see why they were the first Seattle band to get a major label deal. They also put out a "Mother Love Bone" Video where they reflect a bit, but this documentary sounds like its a whole nother LEVEL.

I got the Green River cd but wasn't that into it. Too muddy. Must have been the Mudhoney guys taking over and leaving Stone's psychedelic lullabies to wait for Andrew...

Crazy how things work out though, huh? How the lead singer o.d's, they give a tape called Dollar Short (I think?) to Chili Peppers Jack Irons who gives the tape to Eddie Vedder who records the vocals for "Alive" they fly him up and in a week they recorded "Ten."

At least that's how I remember the whole folklore, but it's been a while. This documentary should be like filling in the missing pieces of the story, kind of like "Revenge of the Sith" or something...

Did I mention I can't WAIT!!!!!
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