Lucca Frakkah-Dukkah, M.F. (echo_helstrom) wrote in ended_abrupt,
Lucca Frakkah-Dukkah, M.F.

I was waiting in line for about 45 minutes last night to the Andrew Wood documentary when the guy came out and said the show was full, chances are infintessimal to get in at this point. I didn't see one person leave the line after he said that. Staying in line was just as good as watching the show anyways (okay well not as good, but more LIVE) since I had Andy's cousins (who were bitching about how they couldn't get tickets-- sold out-- even being family. Apparently even Andy's brothers Brian and Kevin-- who are musicians and played a show at the Maribu on lower Queen Anne last night-- couldn't get tickets.) So Andy's cousins in front of me (stories about the grandfather who cut down the logs to build the family home on Baimbridge Island) and in back of me in line was a guy who went to middle school with Andy and jammed on keyboard-- with Andy singing-- on Baimbridge Island beach bonfire parties during the Malfunkshun days. He gave Andy a ride up to Queen Anne two weeks before 'the tragedy,' as he put it. "He flagged me down, said he needed a ride, I dropped him off at the top of the hill, he said 'thanks for the ride' and I never saw him again," he said. "It was trippy."
At one point I came *this close* to getting a ticket when this old-school looking guy walked by selling a single ticket and I was first to raise my hand and yell 'here!' but one of the *Andy's cousins* was closer to him so she got it. The Baimbridge keyboard Andy jammer guy behind me said, "Man, she took that right from under you." I said, "That's okay, she's family."
And it was okay, because she was the one who was pointing out who everyone was: there's Scott Barbour, the director, (she went over and talked to him about getting tickets, he told her he couldn't even get tickets for HIS OWN family).

"Stone's right over there."

Yep, sure enough, just hanging out super low-key (didn't recognize them until it was pointed out to me) hiding behind shades, Stone Gossard and Jeff Ament. Jeff was signing autographs and laughing with an old school P.J. looking dude (Jeff's friend looked exactly like Jeff did back in the day with the trippy hat over bandana, high tops, and a white wife beater T shirt with HALF ASS MONKEY BOY written in huge lettering on the back.)

That's when I said fuck this, lost my place in line and had my first encounter with Stone Gossard.
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